Thinking of a Hair Transplant Just in Hairline, Does This Look Right?

Ok so I actually have quite a thick head of hair. No hint of a bald spot or problems anywhere except for the actual hairline. One side has receded ( not to mention more then the other side ) & a friend who has had transplants says since they take from the back & implant in the front that it should be easy. Also why don't more celebrities have this done? why do they wear wigs like John Travolta if it's fixable with a transplant? That's what makes me suspicious of having it done.

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Everyone has different tastes

Many celebrities have had hair transplants, I know because I have done many of them. You need to see an expert before you make any decision and ask about the experience of the doctor

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Many celebrities DO have hair transplants. You just won't know it.

Many celebrities DO have hair transplants. You just won't know it.  A good hair transplant surgery is a surgery you will not be able to see.  Many people have hair transplant to fix their hair lines.

Jae Pak, MD
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Hair loss for those who have it and it will continue until you die.

Hair loss for those who have it  and it will continue until you die. It never stops. I have done celebrities that you do not realize have had surgery. You need to investigate both transplants and the Fleming-Mayer Flap. We do both and u need to see the adv/disadv of each.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Hair Line

You should get a consult with an actual doctor, not a sales person for a clinic. Try to get an honest opinion on your need for a transplant. 

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Hair transplant

See a hair transplant specialist. Whether or not you are a candidate for work depends so much on your age, family history, balding pattern and expectations. 

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