Thin Scar on My Cornea?

Hi, I have a scar in the center of my cornea (right eye only). I sometime wonder how soon does a cornea scar heal especially when it's not thick (a very thin one according to my doctors-1 mo. old). Is it really possible that it will vanish overtime? I'm 30 years old and everything's healthy and normal except for this scar. Thickness of my cornea was normal and even the topography. I'm having PredForte 4x/day and Vigamox 2x/day and Duotrav and Maxitrol before I sleep.

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Do corneal scars fade?

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Ulcers and trauma to the cornea can sometimes form scars if they penetrate beyond the layers of the epithelium.  These scars will most likely be permanent since the inner layers of the cornea do not recycle like the outer epithelial layer.  These superficial scars are generally not a problem for LASIK unless they are very thick and very deep, in which case they could affect the creation of the flap.

Since PRK treats the underlying Bowman's layers as well as the outer layers of the stroma, PRK can remove these scars but has a longer healing time than LASIK.  If the scars do not affect vision, most surgeons will not change treatments in order to be rid of a scar that has no effect on visual performance.

San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Corneal scar

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Corneal scars, just like any other scars on your body, may not disappear completely.  They may somewhat fade over time. The location and the cause of the scar are the determining factors in what your vision will be once everything heals.

Inna Ozerov, MD
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Scar on cornea

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Stop the antibiotics you're not iinfected. It may resolve with steroids. If not a LASEK not LASIK would remove it and get rid of your prescription simultaneously

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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