Laser Eye Surgery for Myopia?

Hello! I am 30 y.old and having myopia. My left eye is 20/80 and right eye is 20/80. Can laser eye surgery fix my eye vision? How much does it cost? Can you recommend a specialist in Montgomery County, Maryland or DC area? Thank you beforehand, Ruz

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LASIK/Laser Eye Surgery for Myopia

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Most likely yes, you are a candidate for LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery.


I would need to know your glasses prescription and corneal thickness to say for sure if you are a likely candidate for LASIK, but most patients who are 20/80 without astigmatism have a prescription of -1.50 or -1.75.  If that is the case and you have no other problems with your eyes, most likely LASIK can correct your vision.  I don't know the DC area well, but Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore is among the most respected Ophthalmology programs in the country.


The cost typically ranges from $3K - $5K depending on the surgical skill and technology being used for both eyes.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Laser Eye Surgery For Myopia

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It sounds to me like your prescription is on the milder end(despite how poorly you see without eyeglasses) and should do really well with the procedures known as Lasik or PRK. Both procedures have been around for over 20 years and about 35 million procedures have been done worldwide. In my Baltimore practice, I have performed close to 100,000 of these procedures with great success. All things being equal, most patients opt for Lasik because of its quicker recovery, but that is some thing that can be discussed during a consultation. Be sure you pick a surgeon who you will meet and spend time with before your procedure, so he/she is well aware of your eye health and your goals. I think you will do fabulously well!

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

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