Is it Possible to See the Setting on the Thermage Machine While Having the Procedure?

Is it possible to see the setting on the thermage machine while having the procedure? Does the machine display how many pulses are left on the cpt tip out of the 900 it has to start with? And does it show how high the level is set at?

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Thermage Settings

Thermage is performed at different settings depending on the heat used.  The settings always need to be adjusted during the procedure.  Yes, the settings can be viewed on the machine.  Thermage heats up the skin and provides excellent results in non-surgical skin rejuvenation.  Please find a board certified dermatologist with a great deal with Thermage for the best results.

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Is it Possible to See the Setting on the Thermage Machine While Having the Procedure?

Yes, you can see the repetitions performed, the repetitions remaining, the enery used as well as the treatment level that it is been used.

Alberto de la Fuente Garcia, MD
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Most definitely you can see the setting and the remaining pulses when getting treated with Thermage.

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Thermage Settings

You can definitely see the settings for the treatment as they go up and down while the treatment is being done.

Since it is adjusted to accomodate the patients tolerance.

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