Thermage Downtime

I'm considering getting Thermage, and I know they say there's minimal downtime, but is that true? What can I expect in terms of recovery time? Will I need to take time off of work to hide redness, etc? Thanks.

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Thermage post-treatment effects

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I have performed Thermage treatments for almost a decade now and I have never seen any significant downtime at all.  I assume you are having your face treated - you may have some initial redness afterwards but this is usually only for about 5-10 minutes in most cases. 

I have also seen a couple patients experience minor swelling just underneath their chin that has lasted for a few days.  The redness and swelling are usualy so mild that other people would not typically know that you had any treatment at all.  Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Truly NO downtime with Thermage

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We have been performing Thermage for well over 8 years and I can definitely say that it is one of the few truly no downtime procedures.  For most patients there is very minimal, very brief and transient pinkness that occurs during treatment but for most it is gone before they leave the office.  Some experience a very slight amount of swelling, (we call it 'happy swelling') so slight in fact they enjoy it because any fine lines are immediately (though very temporarily) improved.  You should have no problem returning to work the next day or even going about your normal activities when you leave the office after treatment.


Dr. Grant Stevens           

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Is Thermage "no downtime"?

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In the many years I have performed Thermage, on the face and body, I have never encountered a patient who had any post treatment problems.  Usually there is only flushing in the treated area for several hours after.  Patient satisfaction is high if patient selection has been appropriate.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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Considering Thermage

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Rather than discussing the "downtime", let's discuss the "downside" - ie less result than you expected.  I am sure there are some happy Thermage patients out there but there are so many more who didn't get what they hoped for that it makes me wonder what you are trying to achieve from it.  Make sure that you have realistic expectations of what this will do for you before you worry about downtime issues.

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