Can Thermage Reduce Cellulite in Legs or Sagging Leg Skin?

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Thermage will NOT tighten sagging skin

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Thermage will NOT tighten sagging skin or cure cellulite. Sagging thigh skin, depending on its severity, may require a thigh lift. Cellulite is extremely common and is a reflection of skin sagging and the manner in which the fibrous suspension of the buttock and lateral thigh dimples the skin. The answer is NOT Thermage / massage rollers or dietary supplements.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Thermage for cellulite or sagging leg skin - won't work

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Neither cellulite or sagging skij on the legs will have any significant benefit in my opinion from Thermage. This can be an expensive, rather painful procedure and would likely not meet your expectations.

The new universal Thermage Tip reduces Cellulite in legs and sagging leg skin

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Up until recently there was no non-surgical procedure to help patients with this difficult problem area.  I am thrilled that Solta has developed the new universal tip that allows deeper penetration and can target cellulite in legs and sagging leg skin. Thermage CPT is the gold standard in skin tightening procedures and it is just very important to find a board certified dermatologist who has a great deal of experience with this procedure before proceeding.

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