Is There Such Thing As a Surgery to Make Your Eyes Bigger Without Getting Double Eyelids?

I've seen some pictures of people with very small eyes but later have extremely large eyes without double eyelids. Is there such a procedure to make your eyes larger without getting double eyelids? I know the question is silly but I was just curious.

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Epicanthoplasty to create bigger looking eyes

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Besides blepharoplasty to create "double eyelids", there is a procedure called epicanthoplasty.  Many Asian have a fold of skin (epicanthal fold) medially that partially covers the caruncle (pink structure in the corners of the eye).  My removing this extra fold of skin, the eye appears wider and bigger.  

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Surgery to make your eyes bigger without getting double eyelids

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It is possible to have eyes appear larger after surgery depending on how the operation is performed. In most cases of blepharoplasty as well as ptosis corrective surgeries, eyes usually look much more obvious than prior to the operation. Making an eye look extremely larger than prior to the operation may expose the eye to risk of dryness especially in those cases where upper eyelid does not wipe the cornea during a blink. Similarly removing too much tissue from the lower eyelid may also cause lower eyelid retraction which is also not physiologically comfortable. The surgeon has to carefully weigh pros and cons of performing procedures which are cosmetically as well as functionally appealing.

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You can make your eyes bigger without creating double eyelid.

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People with ptosis and upper eyelid hooding due to excess skin can have their eye opening enlarged without creating a double eyelid. 

Medial epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty can also enlarge eye opening to a lesser degree.

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