Is there a risk to the ovaries with Vanquish?

I have read that Vanquish does not pose a risk to your organs, but what about the ovaries (if applied to the abdomen?) should you avoid Vanquish if you are hoping to have children in a few years? Would it be risky to do Vanquish in the middle of an egg freezing cycle where you are trying to stimulate the ovaries to preserve your eggs? It seems this would be a risk you would not want to take to your eggs.

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Not likely

Vanquish targets or dissloves fat, the layer directly beneath the skin. The concept of Vanquish radiofrequency waves is that they travel freely through well hydrated skin or less dense tissue to thicker tissue areas below the skin such as fat where the density of the tissue causes impedence of the radiofrequencey waves. The impedence or build up of energy in the fat layer destroys the fat cells. The ovaries are located well below the muscular layer which is much deeper than the cutaneous fat layer. Although there is no signitific data available, penetration of radiofrequency waves with the Vanquish device and therefore, damage to the ovaries is less likely. 

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Vanquish and the Ovaries

The ovaries lie too deep to be affected by the depth of penetration of the Vanquish device. The radiofrequency  waves of Vanquish will penetrate about 1 inch below the skin surface and no deeper. Since Vanquish is a completely elective treatment, the more assured thing to do is to wait until later when you are not trying to stimulate your ovaries.

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