Alternatives to Dentures?

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Alternatives to dentures are dental implants

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The alternatives to dentures are dental implants. A traditional denture can be attached to implants, and be removable by the patient. A hybrid denture (acrylic denture with metal frame underneath) can be attached to 4 or 5 implants and only be removable by the dentist. Traditional bridges can also be placed on implants as a denture alternative.

Cleveland Dentist

Denture alternatives - Implants to save the day!

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There are many treatment alternatives for dentures.

The most frequent complaint from a denture wearer is the retention and stability of the lower denture. Treatments can range from as little as two implants to support the lower denture to a full mouth of implants to replace each individual tooth. Typically implants are strategically placed so that bridges can be placed to replace the missing teeth.

Make sure you see a well qualified dentist who is able to articulate all of your possible treatment options. There are many ways and combinations to treat missing teeth.

The most important aspect is that you see a dentist qualified to treat this type of situation. If you are not comfortable with the treatment options given, it is advisable to seek other opinions. It is wise to see a specialist in Prosthodontics. A prosthodontist is more qualified to treat the more complex restorative cases. They have a comprehensive understanding of how the two jaws work together.

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

Snap On Dentures or Snap In Dentures

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Another alternative are Snap On Dentures. Mini Implant supported Dentures. Snap On Dentures are dentures that get attached to several Mini Implants previously inserted in your jawbone at our clinic. The head of the mini implants and the O-Rings placed at the dentures creates the "Snap" effect when you place them. These dentures have "no palate" and they can "Snapped On" and "Snapped off" from your jawbone.


This dentures are designed to be removable, and they are adapted with Snap On devices, so you can take it on and off easily. When your denture is Snapped On, it rests over your gums. This means your Snap On Denture will not move or wiggle, avoiding any gum soars.

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