Does the Tip of the Nose Eventually Slim Down After Jaw Surgery?

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Jaw surgery and nasal appearance

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Surgery on your jaw should not change the overall width or size of your nose. That being said perhaps there is some swelling just from the trauma of the surgery that should resolve. Sometimes your nose can appear longer or shorter after jaw surgery especially if the position of your chin changes as the profile may make the nose appear to have changed when in reality it has not. I would wait at least six months after your jaw surgery to make sure that you want to alter your nasal appearance when all of the additional swelling resolves.

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The tip of the nose after jaw surgery

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It is unclear why the tip of your nose should be swollen at all after jaw surgery.  I assume you had orthognathic upper jaw surgery at least.  Often this involves repositioning the nasal septal as it sits on the bony floor of the nose.  If this caused swelling, you can expect the swelling to go down after 3 or 4 months.  However, it is also possible that the jaw surgery caused widening of the tip.  If this is not swelling, then you may require nasal tip surgery.  I suggest you consult with a rhinoplasty expert if the swelling persists more than 3 months.  Good luck.  Minas Constantinides, MD

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