Can I Have my Indentations on my Head from Neuro Surgery Filled in

i have indentations on the top of my head haveing had a titainium plate fitted , can i have my craniotomy scar thinner and the identations filled in

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Skull deformity and scalp scarring can be improved following neurosurgical procedure

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Skull deformity and scalp scars can be improved after craniotomy. Determining exactly what would be required would involve examination in the office, review of your operative notes and review of any available imaging. Missing bone can be replaced or the contour deformity camouflaged. The widened scar and bunching of scalp can be revised. The areas of scar that no longer grow scalp hair can also be excised. This should improve the appearance of both your scalp scar and the contour deformity that resulted from your neurosurgical procedure.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Correction of Craniotomy scars and deformities

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Dear Ryanaldo,

Unfortunately scars and skull deformities after craniotomies are common.  You have areas where there is a loss of hair and bunched up scalp.  These can be corrected with a scar revision and by excision of the bald areas and meticulous closure of the scalp.  The baldness usually occurs due to the cautery that is used at the time of surgery to control bleeding.  If you have skull bone (calvarial) deformities, these can be corrected by using a variety of different methods including a bone paste for small defects or small plates to cover burr holes.  For larger defects I usually reccommend a customized alloplastic plate that is made from a CT scan of your skull.  These are plated into the defects to smooth the contour and give you a normal contour to your skull again.  Good luck. 

Gregory Branham, MD
Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon

How to fill in cranial postsurgical indentations

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Craniotomy scars often heal with noticeable scars and once the underlying bone has healed, it is appropriate to have scar revision after your neurosurgeon gives the ok. Fillers will improve the appearance but scar revision surgery is likely to produce more significant results.

Kristin Egan, MD
Manhattan Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

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