Can the Root/base of the Breast Be Altered?

I have shallow breasts w/ wide+tall "roots". My under bust measurement is 29", bust 35.5", and my cup volume is ~400cc (water replacement test). I wear 30DD or 28F. My question is: can the size of the breast "root" be altered so that the volume would be gathered on a smaller area on the chest? Imagine a large base of 6"x7.5" in comparison to a base of 5"x4.5". That would double the projection of the breast! I am not looking to get implants, just want to see if the breast shape can be altered?

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Transferring breast base tissue to increase breast projection

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The base diameter can be reduced by cutting a pie wedge sector out of the breast and approximating the edges of the remaining wedge. Most surgeons in the US do not do procedures to transfer base width tissue into projection tissue. I have seen it done in South America where a wedge of tissue at 6 o'clock is cut as a tongue of tissue that is passed under the breast to increase projection and keep the breast lifted while approximating the edges remaining at 6 o'clock narrows the base diameter. I have tried it but was not convinced of the techniques efficacy.

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Breast lift

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The overall shape of the breast can be changed by a mastopexy (breast lift), this can be done without a breast implant.

Dennis Dass, MD
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Changing the shape of the breast

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I am not sure if your are wanting a breast lift.  With a vertical breast lift the base of the breast is made narrower and the breast tissue that hangs below the crease can be used to build up central projection.  

Altering Breast Base Width

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In a breast lift or reduction, the base width can be narrowed slightly, but due to the characteristics of soft tissue which aren't taken into account in your geometric calculations, it is very difficult to increase the projection a significant amount. All breast lift techniques mainly change how much breast tissue is present below the breast fold and increase projection some, but not to the degree of your theoretical calculation. An implant combined with a breast lift will increase the projection more than a breast lift alone.

Interesting theoretical question but probably no practical solution.

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If I'm reading your question your wondering if the base of the native breast can be decreased in surface area so as to increase projection. It makes sense is an exercise in geometry but I don't think it is a practical thing to do surgically.

Narrowing the base of the breast

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Dear Molli,  The base of the breast can be "narrowed" in a breast reduction by the technique I use.  I prefer a lollipop breast reduction without scars under the breast.  It allows for a narrowing of the breast and reshaping of the breast.  Not all surgeons use this technique so I suggest seeing several board certified plastic surgeons before proceeding.  If you are just looking for better projection then using your own tissue to narrow the breast and augment in the deep plane works well.  Either way you will have some scars usually around the areolar and straight down.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

Can the Root/base of the Breast Be Altered?

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Some surgeons use tourniquets around the base of the breast when doing breast reduction surgery. The base is not narrowed by close to 50%, the appearance is quite unattractive, and stress on the blood supply of the breast is usually noticeable even in the 15 minutes or so of application. 

Consider yourself fortunate if you don't find a surgeon willing to try. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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