What are the pros and cons of using fillers for chin augmentation?

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Pros and Cons for Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

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A non-surgical chin augmentation is a great option for patients with a weak chin. There are many pro and cons to this procedure.

Pros to a non-surgical chin augmentation

1) Quick almost instantaneous

2) Little to no downtime

3) Reversible if completed with hyaluranic acid filler

4) Low risk

5) Can give a preview of what a permanent chin implant would look like

6) Less expensive in the short run

Cons to a non-surgical chin augmentation

1) Temporary--Must be repeated

2) More expensive in long run (filler must be repeated but implant does not)

3) Risk of bruising

4) Not able to get significant augmentation in patients with very weak chins

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