Can the Marble Trick Improve the Depth of a Belly Button?

After several BB revisions following a FTT my PS finally acheived some depth to my belly button! She opened my lower incision and re-plicated the muscles to pull the BB in.I have been putting a soft earplug to hold the shape and when it comes out I have NICE deep BB! After a few hours it returns to the original shape. I am wondering if I continue with this trick if this will increase the depth as well as improve the shape over time? How long should I continue using the marble(earplug) trick?

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A tight belly-button post tummy-tuck? The marble trick!

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Yes, taping a marble within the constricted belly-button does stretch the scar slowly and surely post-op.  A scar tends to contrict so if it happens post tummy-tucks, a marble is an easy way to achieve the right size of belly-button.  You apply it for 12-15 hours everyday for 4-6 weeks.  Great trick!  Dr. M. DuPéré, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Visage Clinic Toronto

The marble trick after tummy tuck

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If the scar in the belly button becomes tight and constricting after tummy tuck, the marble trick you mention is a good way to mold, deepen and hold open the belly button. The marble acts as a conforming stent and works as other splints do in physical therapy. Here however the marble or stent may be needed until the scar has begun to mature and quiet down, six to twelve months.

Using a Marble in Belly Button Revision after a Tummy Tuck

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The Belly Button is a funnel like invagination of the skin. Its depth after a tummy tuck is determinedby multipe factors such as
- the height/depth of the belly button BEFORE the Tummy Tuck
- the amount of fat under the tummy skin in the area of the NEW belly button
- the degree of muscle tightening above and below the belly button

A marble is used when the scar around the rim of the NEW belly button gradually tightens like a noose resulting in a progressively smaller (stenotic) belly button opening. By using the marble as a space holder which defeats thie scarring process while we buy time waiting for the healing process to run its course. It will not however deepen the belly button stalk otherwise.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Marble trick for stretching a tight and small belly bottom after tummy tuck

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Marble can be placed within the belly button that is too constricted, small or tight.

It works well if it worn for more than 12-18 hours a day and  can be taped in place.

Hope this helps,

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS

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