What Are the Healing Phases of Smartlipo, Can Someone Explain Please?

Dear doctors, In regards to smartlipo in abs and flanks I see very similar concerns: swelling, bloating, lump, hardness, 1st week results are good but later get worse, many claim to have bigger "bellies" right after the smartlipo. So I wonder, can you please xplain the PHASES of healing after smartlipo? Issues are mentioned randomly so its tough to make sense of it all. What causes lumps in the 1st place, why bloating gets worse, chronological order of causes I guess could help lots. Thanks!

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Healing after Smart Lipo...

Liposuction results and healing can vary tremendously from person to person.  In general after any type of liposuction there will be a generalized swelling because there is excess fluid in the liposuctioned areas.  Some patients may have localized firm areas as well.  The excess fluid usually reabsorbs within 2 weeks and the lumps, which represent localized swelling or inflammation, will settle down usually within six weeks.  When the laser is used during Smartlipo, the heat that is generated can make the firmer areas last a little bit longer because the tissue is more traumatized and the melted fat can cause some inflammation.  Usually we try the remove the melted fat to minimize this effect.  Wearing the compression garment can certainly help with these symptoms.  Usually after 3 months the skin tightening has taken place and the results should look nice.  Since the results are so dependent on who is performing your surgery, be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience.

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Healing after Smartlipo

Smartlipo may cause bruising and swelling, this may take up to two weeks to heal. To be fully healed it could take a few months to be healed on the inside as well. Be sure to wear your compression garment for the amount of time suggested by your doctor.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Smartlipo healing phases

SmartLipo is another way of treating localized adiposities. it has its own pros and cons. it is a very operator dependent procedure and can results in varying outcomes depending on who is doing the procedure. its best to address all questions and possible outcomes with the surgeon who will be doing the procedure for you. additionally, there are some myths about the procedure as well. its best to be realistic about those myths

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Smartlipo issues

Funny, I do not see all these issues with traditional lipo.  Yes, you get swelling, but almost never firmness, hardness, prolonged numbness, or burns.  I personally do not think the Smartlipo offers any advantages.  Good marketing though.  Good luck.

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