Who Are the Best Hair Replacement Surgeons in the USA?

I want to go to a surgeon who uses all methods.

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Best hair transplant surgeons in America

All good hair transplant surgeons are listed in the ISHRS web site. Doctors who want to keep up and advancements all belong to this society. Ask the doctor for his credentials. Ours are in the web reference below

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You are asking a bunch of surgeon who is the best surgeon.

You are asking a bunch of surgeon who is the best surgeon.  Do you really expect to get the answer you're looking for?

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Best Hair Replacement Surgeon

I advise you to study and research which hair transplant method you want to use (FUT, FUE, BHT?) and go to a clinic/surgeon who specializes in that method. Different techniques use varying tools/technology, require specific experience, and demand a unique skill set. For the best results, you want to go to a master of one, not a jack-of-all-trades. Best of luck.

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Best Hair Replacement

Several doctors use multiple methods but many focus on one method since it can be tough to be good at all methods all the time.  The methods vary both in harvesting i.e FUE vs strip and implanting i.e natural graft units vs macro grafts vs other.  This is partially because the restoration requires not just a skilled doctor but a skilled team.    

It is best to go with a busy center.  Ideally you want to have a procedure at a place with over a hundred cases under the belt AND that do at least 3 cases a week i.e you want a team that is sharp from regular cases.  

Rashid M. Rashid MD PhD

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