BBL After Hair Transplants Safe?

I am going to get hair transplants to lower my hairline (4000grafts) and I plan to have a Brazilian Butt Lift 7days after.Would this be safe? Are there any issues with anesthetic in a short period of time? A doctor (who is not my PS) suggested that I get the BBL first then do the hair 7days later but wouldnt this affect my fat grafting results as I am not meant to sit for three weeks? I understand for the transplant procedure I would have to lie on the operating bed for about 7hrs/more! Thanks

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Always check with each surgeon before planning surgery.

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Brazilian Butt Lift should not impact a hair transplant surgery, but always check with each surgeon before planning surgery.  It may be a logistics and comfort issue.  Sitting in a chair for many hours after a BBL may be an issue.

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Hair Transplant and Brazilian Butt Lift at same time period safe?

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It may be preferrable to do hair transplant first since you can't be laying on the table for all those hours.  But having anesthesia seven days after hair transplant not a problem. 

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Hair transplantation and Brazilian Butt Lifting

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Hi there-

Provided you are a healthy person, there should be no reason having these two procedures a week apart would be unsafe for you, but definitely check with your plastic surgeon and your hair transplant doctor as well to be sure they agree this is a good idea for you...

With regard to the timing, it seems to me that as your BBL is going to restrict the way you can position your body for a few weeks, that it makes more sense to do this second.

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