What is the Difference Between Ultra Therapy Skin Tightening and Sciton Skin Tightening?

I keep hearing of new things coming out and I'm wondering if there is a diiference in these two....Ultra Therapy and Sciton for face or body tightening of skin.

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Ultherapy FDA cleared for lifting of eyebrows and neck

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Ulthera, a company, distributes their device and Ultherapy, the procedure, produces skin tightening. It is the only device that is  FDA-cleared for facial LIFTING of eyebrows and neck skin. It uses a deep focused ultrasound energy. Other devices, and there are many, some using radiofreqeuncy, such as Thermage, Pelleve, and other light sources such as Titan, may produce some tightening. Differences can vary significantly.  Sciton's Skin Tyte uses infrared heating. There is a lack of good studies comparing the long term effectiveness of these different devices.

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Ulthera vs Sciton

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Ulthera is a company that offers a machine that is caused Ultherapy.  It is ultrasound based and designed to tighten the tissue deep to the skin.  The process does work with maximum results being seen at 2-3 months.  The results last about one year.

Sciton is another medical company that offers a number of different products including a machine that uses infrared to tighten skin.  It is designed to heat the skin (deep skin) and provide some tightening.

It is probably best to think about the Ulthera as more powerful and used to tighten the tissue deep to the skin and Sciton Skin Tightening as a skin tightening modality usually not as aggressive.  Neither machines/products can create surgical type results.

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