What is the Difference Between Co2 Laser Resurfacing and Pelleve?

My dermatologist's office offers a few different options for cosmetic dermatology. They offer co2 laser resurfacing and pelleve. I've read the description of what each one does, and all I got was that both create similar results.

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Carbon dioxide laser and pelleve skin tightening

Pelleve radiofrequency skin tightening is very different than carbon dioxide laser. Pelleve has no down time and is not painful. It is a deep heated massage type of action which induces new collagen production and helps tighten the dermis.  Carbon dioxide laser is a thermal burning away of the epidermis and dermis, therefore it is an ablative technique which induces a wound that needs to heal. Recently the full facial surface no longer needed to be ablated by carbon dioxide laser as the Fraxel Repair laser became the first fractional ablative laser.  the depth of penetration is the same but only a fraction of the surface area is treated by tiny laser beams so the wound heals more quickly and the texture of the skin appears more natural than the older fully ablative CO2 lasers. Pelleve can help fine lines as does the CO2 laser but the CO2 will create more textural and photodamage coloration improvement than Pelleve. Although it is a small percent, the risk of scarring does exist with CO2 because of the wound that is created and patients need to plan on up to two weeks of recovery time depending on the extent of the laser treatment, whereas there is no downtime with Pelleve.

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