What is the Cost of Ultherapy Brow Lift Compared to Traditional Surgical Lift?

Does it involve less bleeding and post-surgical swelling?

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Ultherapy is less expensive than a brow lift and provides less lifting than surgery

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The Ultherapy will not tighten you as much as a brow lift.  Surgical brow lifts can vary considerably in expense depending on the city and surgeon and the extent of the lift.  Ulthera can be done just on the forehead which would decrease the price compared to treating the forehead, cheeks, infraorbital (below the eyelids) and chin. Ulthera will be less expensive than a brow lift, but not as impressive a result.

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Ultherapy Compared to Surgical Brow Lift

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Ultherapy is a non-invasive technique and there there is significantly less swelling and no bleeding after treatment. Improvement is truly minimal compared to a surgical brow lift where the forehead is lifted and the brows repositioned. Bleeding, bruising, and post op swelling do occur with the surgical approach and the risk of complications are increased but the results are more exact and controlled. Your needs and expectations will determine what is best for you.   

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Ulthera is a nonsurgical alternative to browlift for some

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A surgical browlift involves several things including lifting and reshaping of the brow area and sometimes removal of some of the muscles of frowning - the same ones targeted with Botox or Dysport. Because Ulthera is completely noninvasive, there isn't really a comparison in terms of swelling and certainly not bleeding. However, Ulthera uses micro focused ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen tightening which in turn produces some lift. It does not typically do as much as a surgical brow lift does. Costs vary for both.

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