What is the Cost for miraDry Procedure and is It Covered by Insurance

What is the Cost for Miradry Procedure and is It Covered by Insurance

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MiraDry costs

The Price for miraDry varies from office the office. Some offices charge a package pricing of around $3000 which includes a second treatment if needed.  Other offices charge around $2000 for the first treatment and then $1000 for the second treatment if it is needed. We prefer the latter pricing structure because most patients do not require a second treatment and the cost is not front-loaded for them.

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Cost of miraDry and is it covered by insurance?

 We charge $1950 for 1 treatment. Most patients only need 1 treatment, however some patients may require a second treatment due to the severity of underarm sweat. miraDry is not covered by insurance.

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Cost of MiraDry in Connecticut

We charge $1800 for the first MiraDry treatment at our office and $950 for a second treatment.  Most patients only need one treatment to obtain the results they desire.  This unfortunately is not covered by insurance.  The results are permanent and are definitely more cost-conscious than Botox injections every 6-8 months for sweating.  In addition, consider the lifetime costs of deodorant, antiperspirant, and dry cleaning!  The additional benefit is 70% permanent reduction of hair in the underarms, which itself is worth about $1000 for a series of laser hair removal treatments.

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MiraDry costs are offset by priceless results!

MiraDry is not covered by insurance despite working very well for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Actual costs of the procedure have some variability, but usually ranges from $1950 to $2100 for the fist treatment. Packages area available, but 80% of patients only need one treatment. Second treatment can be purchased separately for $900 to $1050.

But! After your first treatment will you will receive permanent sweat and hair reduction. One treatment may reduce sweating by as much as 82%.

Each treatment lasts about 1 hour. There was minimal discomfort associated with numbing the 4-5 areas prior to administering tumescent anesthesia (large volume of dilute numbing solution that minimizes the number of shots you have to receive to be completely numbed for the procedure).

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The cost of Miradry is....priceless

Hi, Miradry results in a permanent reduction in sweating from the underarms in a single visit. Because it is a permanent reduction in your underarm sweating, you will not have to worry about ruining clothes, embarrassing situations (such as important presentations at the office, or dates). You know these situations can cost you not only the price of the clothing but also cause you to hang back- costing you the promotion!  There is variability in pricing these days as the procedure has been modified in some offices. This modification is called "High Volume Anesthesia"or "HVA".  Because this modification makes the treatment very safe, we have found that we can increase the energy delivered and the results are quite good with a single treatment.  We have been doing Miradry with HVA for a about a year and the satisfaction rate is extremely high.   Typically the series of two treatments costs about $3000 and it is not covered by insurance. Some offices charge per treatment and others charge for a package of two treatments. If you are able to find a physician that can offer you the high volume technique, you may be satisfied with one treatment. This is great because you only have to recover once.

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Miradry Cost

We charge $1950 for the first treatment and $975 for any subsequent treatments.  80% of our patients only need one treatment.

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Cost of MiraDry. Is it covered insurance

MiraDry is not covered by insurance.  It is a longer lasting compared to Botox for hyperhidrosis  so it is possible that in the future insurance carriers as  a better option because over the long haul it is less expensive than Botox.

it typically costs around $3000 for 2 treatments.  Individual treatments usually are sold for somewhere between $1500 and $2000 if the patient decides to get only a single treatment.

In some cases for severe hyperhidrosis patients have been known to go for a third treatment.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD
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MiraDry Costs-Be sure to Ask whether one or two treatments are covered.

MiraDry costs vary from practice to practice but an average price in my area is around $3000 for two treatments. Ask if the price quoted covers two treatments.   Some practices may offer one treatment so the price quoted may be less but doesn't cover both treatments.  Most patients with true hyperhidrosis will need two treatments.  Some patients who are sweat-bothered but don't have hyperhidrosis will benefit from only one treatment.

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MiraDry Cost and Financing

Hi and Thank you for your question.
Unfortunately, MiraDry is not covered by insurance. However, the good news is the newest techniques allow us to treat at higher levels, and now for most patients, only one treatment is needed! Our current special we have is $1995 for one treatment. If a second is need for patients with more severe hyperhidrosis, its $1000. You need to wait 3 months after the first treatment to evaluate if a 2nd is needed. For most people, one treatment is sufficient to help eliminate sweat and odor!

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We Have Just Reduced Our Price For The miraDry Treatment For Our Summertime Special Offer

For a limited time, we are offering a special price on our miraDry Treatment Package.  Our Summer Special price for two miraDry treatments is $2,000.00, all inclusive.

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