What Are Some Temporary Alternatives to Coolsculpting?

As Coolsculpting may only be done to adults (18 and older) what are some suggestions for a 15 year old, fit, healthy female who is genetically predisposed to pockets of fat on the inner thighs? Despite a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, they just won't go away... and they rub together in the heat!!! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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CoolSculpting Age Limitations

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I'm sure your experience is frustrating. However, CoolSculpting and other medical procedures are designed exclusively for adults. 

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Zeltiq is not indicated for a fifteen year old

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While you may feel that a noninvasive technique is appropriate for you, it is always more attractive to imagine that something can be done to you than for you to do the work to stay fit. Some people may have an endocrine problem and need medical help, but many people need to eat a healthier diet and exercise more. Unless you have done this already, you should not consider Zeltiq. I have referred patients to an excellent nutriitonist with excellent results. However, if you have watched your dietary intake and exercise regularly with a regimen that is expected to burn calories but you maintain a depot of unwanted fat stores in certain sites, then you may be a candidate. See a board-certified doctor who is trained in Zeltiq, and be sure to be accompanied by your parent(s) for a consultation.

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Treating Pockets of Fat

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Thank you for your question. Without pictures, it is difficult to assess the right treatment for you. There are treatments available that can help, but since you are at a young age and still growing the pockets of fat may reduce as you get older. I would suggest waiting to receive treatment until you are at least 18.

Alternatives for 15 year old

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Thank you for your question.

I would suggest that you visit with board certified plastic surgeons (with a parent / guardian) and see what recommendations they may have for your situation.

With parental consent, you have some options.

Best Wishes.

Alternatives to coolsculpting

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Believe it or not, standard liposuction might be good for you.  Because you are not 18, you'll need your parents permission.  However, even though it's a "cosmetic" procedure, liposuction can really help one's self esteem if there is a very noticeable pocket of fat on you that is bothersome.

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