What Procedure Will Even Out the Size of my Teeth?

I hate that some of my teeth are shorter than others how do I get that fixed?

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First, start with Why!

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Before you choose any of the fine cosmetic procedures available these days, be sure to explore why your teeth don't match in the first place!

There are many possibilites, and your dentist should be very interested in learning about them before asking you to choose how to make up for what's happened.

Just fixing them and making you a beautiful smile may be unsatisfactory if you continue the problem that got you unhappy in the first place!

Bellevue Dentist

Evening out tooth size

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There are many solutions to correcting uneven teeth.  Orthodontics and cosmetic dental procedures are the most common.  First, have a talk with your dentist about your aesthetic concerns and goals.  Your dentist will help you choose the most appropriate options and coordinate any consults with specialists.  Options may include braces, Invisalign, tooth re contouring, bonding, veneers or porcelain crowns.  What choices you make may depend on your budget and time to invest in order to obtain your desired result.

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

What Procedure Will Even Out the Size of my Teeth

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The good news is there are options to help you and get the results you want. You should scheduale a consultation with a dentist, who is experienced in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Without seeing you, it is very hard to diagnose, but I would consider porcelain veneers, Lumineers, braces and/or Invisalign as my options.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Ayzin

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