19 Year Old w/ Overbite. Is There Anyway It Can Be Corrected?

I have had braces before when I was younger, had the herbst appliance and also had headgear. I didn't cooperate very well because I was young and stupid.. Ha, anyways now I'm pushing 20 and regret messing up because I'm stuck with this bite, I am very self conscious about it to the point where it bothers me everyday. Is there anyway this can be corrected without jaw surgery? There is no way I could even afford that with my income.

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Ortho can fix an overbite

Clint, the pictures you posted with your question do not immediately appear to indicate a need for jaw repositioning surgery.  Unless your previous orthodontist indicated it was necessary during your earlier treatment.  There are many possible treatment methods.  These include traditional brackets and wires, clear aligners such as Invisalign and tooth extraction.  A comprehensive evaluation by an Orthodontist will be needed to design the best treatment course.  So long as you are dedicated to being compliant this time, you will succeed in achieving your aesthetic goals.

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there are many solutions, some take more time, and some are more extreme,if time its an issue,and you do not want braces, etc....with crowns, and veneers, you can make a big difference, also.and even change shape, size ,and color.

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