Can Teeth Bleaching Contribute to Gum Recession?

I had been using Venus Pro 16% bleaching kit for only few days and it seems like my gum recession got worse. Can bleaching make gum recession to progress further??

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Teeth bleaching generally does not cause recession.

Generally speaking bleaching does not cause recession.  However if you are a thin tissue type and the bleaching agent burns your gum and or if the bleaching trays push too hard on the tissue resulting is tissue death a slight amount of recession could occur.  That being said Bleaching: is a very unlikely cause of recession.

Hollywood Dentist

Home whitening and gum recession

Depending upon sensitivity of teeth, strength of the bleaching agent, and the condition of the teeth, previous fillings, etc, there can be increased sensitivity of the areas where the gum is receded. In some situations when patient has really thin gum tissue recession can start from the tooth-brushing. We have seen many cases when the gum receded after strong bleaching gel was used or the tray was causing some trauma. You should check with your dentist the concentration of the gel and the fit of the tray.

Can bleaching lead to gum recession?

I doubt if the gums receded so quickly from the bleaching. More likely, you are just noticing the recession that was already there. When people do any type of cosmetic work on their teeth, they tend to look in the mirror a lot more with a much more "critical eye".

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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