Teardrop Implants with Short Height for Tall Women with Large Thorax?

I'm a trans woman. 26 yo, 6 tall, 160 pounds. I look 100% passable as a biology female but I'd like to go from 36 A to 36 FULL D. My Surgeon suggested teardrop implants with a short height, full width, mod + P, as he believes goes perfect for me. Im deciding between 570 cc (312 cohesive III- 15 cm W- 13.3 cm Height) or 615 cc (332 cohesive III-14.5 cm W- 13.1 cm Height) placed under muscle. I understand why the WIDTH but please tell me why the short height if I'm so tall... Thanks

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Anatomical Vs Round Implants in a TG Patient

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I agree with several of the other doctors who replied. I believe that anatomical implants can (and do ) shift or rotate. They also have a higher rate of rippling( may be more likely to be seen or felt). Studies have shown that round implants look the same as anatomic implants in patients after augmentation. Not worth the added cost or risk in my opinion. Anatomical implants are also textured and therefore have higher rates of ripplig as well.

Teardrop breast augmentation: It's not about the implants!

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Unfortunately the most commonly used type of implants (high profile) and the most common type of placement ( submuscular/dual plane) cannot deliver the natural 'tear drop' effect that you desire.  There are also big problems associated with anatomic implants placed in conventional planes( they work well in subfascial carefully designed pockets).  This is why I use a very unique method of breast augmentation that I call 'cold-subfascial augmantation.'  the placement of the implants is not 'above the muscle' or subglandular, nor is it submuscular or dual plane.  A very strong layer of connective tissue is meticulously and atraumatically dissected from the pectoralis major muscle and this tissue is used to shape and support a lower profile implant into a gentle tear drop shape.  It is the surgical dissection and not the implant itself that gives shape to the breasts.  The results sit like natural breasts and do not move like submuscular implants do with arm motion.  The fascia also supports the implant giving it relative protection from gravity and aging.  


All the best,


Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Teardrop shaped implants

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I am not a big fan of the teardrop shaped implants because they can shift in position.  I would choose a round shape.

Teardrop Implants with Short Height for Tall Women with Large Thorax

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Good question and thanks for posting the photo. I can not quite understand why the vertical dimension is so short. I agree with you. Seek other opinions From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski 305 598 0091

Breast Implants

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I agree with all the great docs here. The idea of the natural tear drop implant is likely overplayed and the assoiated risks and potential complications are not worth it since most surgeons can not tell the difference between what type of implants are in a patient

You are right!

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You are correct - follow your intuition.  It makes no sense to emphasize a short vertical dimension for a tall woman with a vertically long thorax.  The extra width in a shaped implant will give you a fuller breast shape, especially if you are transgendered and have little natural breast tissue, but a shorter vertical dimension in someone six feet tall will create less upper pole presence, I don't want to even say fullness, in the breast.  The measurement of vertical chest dimension is one of the important parameters to consider when selecting a shaped breast implant, and if you are tall, you want a taller implant, not a shorter implant.  I suggest that you raise the issue again with your surgeon,  and if he continues to disagree with your intuitions, I would seek another opinion because it sounds to me like your thinking is correct.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Tear drop implants tend to be less natural

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Tear drop implants became very popular about ten years ago when the implant companies started to do a lot of national advertising and many patients bought into the marketing campaigns.  I performed several hundred of these with very good initial results.  Eventually I began to see these patients back after several years and I felt that they looked less natural than smooth round implants which is what the majority of surgeons use now.  They tend to ripple more, the eventually leave a wider space between the breasts and they can rotate which is not a problem with round implants. Why pay more and get less?  Stick with smooth round implants under the muscle.

Tear drop shaped implants

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I believe that tear drop shaped implants leak more as they are textured and the texturing, if it adheres to the tissue as it is supposed to, will allow the implant to fold repetitively in the same area, leading to the leak. The tear drop shaped implants can also rotate and then appear strange. Along with that, a woman's breast is tear drop shaped when standing and round implants assume that shape too. But a woman's beast is round when lying flat and tear drop implants will not look round, therefore potentially unnatural. I also think that due to the location of the muscle and implant diameters you are considering, that there will be a relatively small amount of the implant below the muscle.

Trans augmentation with anatomic implants

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Dear Tantra,

Ideally you should also get your breast height measured to better choose your implant. If the implant he chose is too short than maybe you should go with a moderate or full height implant.

I agree with your surgeon that you should go with the teardrop or (Anatomic shaped) implants because they have a more natural look.

Breast width and breast height measurements are important to take before deciding on the appropriate size implant for you.

Best of luck.

Anatomic implants and selction of vertical height

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The recommendation statedmay be made based on your subcutaneous tissue thickness assessment. IF you vertical height is excessively long the thinness of your upper pole tissues may not be sufficient to disguise the implant. Therefore the short height may have been selected in order to fit within the limited amount of breast tissue you currently have. However, as Dr. Wallach, I am not am not a proponent of anatomic implants because of their tendency to rotate and higher likelihood of asymmetry.

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