Self-Tanner w/ Fraxel

Can I Use Self Tanner While Doing Fraxel Treatment? Does It Interfere W/ Age Spot Removel?

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You should not use self tanner on areas where Fraxel has been done

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You should not use self tanner on areas where Fraxel has been done. It’s better to have no tan and to have as much contrast with the pigment as possible and a lot of self tanners contain chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Fraxel is not affected adversely by self-tanners

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I have not found that tanning or self tanning affects the effect of Fraxel restore. I would not want my patients to get sunexposure after Fraxel or suntan parlor treatment after Fraxel as that may increase the risk fo post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The darker skin from artificial tanning or true sun tan or sun tan parlor does not create an artificial absorbtpion at the epidermal level similar to V-beam (595nm.)  and 532nm neodynium-yag lasers. The Fraxel Restore will penetrate into the dermis despite the artificial tan and provided you don't get true sun exposure on the skin after Fraxel, you'll probably do well. Remember, Fraxel Restore was one of the first accepted lasers to treat melasma.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel and Self-Tanners

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You should not use self-tanners while undergoing Fraxel laser treatments.  You should also avoid tanning beds and "natural" tans before treatments.  It will definitely interfere with the treatments and increase the risk of an adverse event.  

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