When Can I Use Bleaching Cream After Fraxel Treatment?

i just had my ist fraxel treatment. how long after can i start using a bleaching cream?

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Hydorquinones post Fraxel day 1!!!

You can start using a skin brightening product like Hydroquinone 4% cream immediately after a Fraxel treatment (i.e., the same day).  This is optimal when trying to help prevent post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.  Make sure it DOES NOT have any Retin-A ingredient mixed in with it.   It is very important to continue the use of a tyrosinase inhibitor such as Hydroquinone throughout the series of Fraxel treatments.  In addition to the use of skin brightening products it is just as important that the patient uses a good sunscreen daily. 



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Bleaching Creams after Fraxel

You should always check with the treating physician first, but generally patients can restart hydroquinone or other "bleaching" creams 7 to 10 days after a treatment, depending on the settings.  A good guideline is to wait until your skin has "peeled" prior to resuming any bleaching creams, Retin-A, etc.  

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Use of Bleaching Creams After Fraxel

Hi SC,

I discourage my patients from using bleaching cream after Fraxel treatments.  I prefer to treat them with NIA-24 skin strengthening moisturizer for a few weeks before the treatment and then about 1 to 2 weeks after their treatment.  And stop picking your white heads!  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Lightening creams after Fraxel

Depending if it is Fraxel restore, dual or repair, the timing of application of lightening cream is different. You should check with the physician treating you as the energy settings are different between providers and that can make you too sensitive to resume or start lightening creams until the time is right. Some patients have to wait much longer than others before they can tolerate such cream and the lightening creams are also very variable in their irritation profile.

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Check with your treating dermatologist

I always recommend getting specific advice from the treating physician. My patients are usually advised to restart the bleaching agents in 7-21 days depending on the laser used, and the aggressiveness of the settings.

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