Paper tape vs. silicone tape after Breast Lift? (photos)

Is there a difference between paper tape and silicone tape (not sheets)? My paper tapes are starting to lift and I want to buy more tape to replace it with. I saw these at target and I'm wondering if these are ok to use the same way paper tape is used? I'm almost 3 weeks post op. Thanks!

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Breast scars

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Check with your surgeon to see if he approves of the silicone tape. Generally pressure treatment with tape or silicone tape or sheeting is a great way to keep scars flat.  Good luck.

Paper tape vs silicone

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I think you would be better served with silicone tape/strips which will provide you better scar healing outcomes.I usually tell my patients to wear them 10 to 12 hours a day consecutively.

Scar care after breast lift

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Thank you for your question. Each surgeon is different on their recommendations for scar care following surgery.  I recommend my patients leave their steri strips in place for 3 weeks. Following the 3 weeks they may then apply silicone sheets to the incisions. Best of luck to you!

Taping incisions after a breast lift

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Every surgeon has a specific method for treating surgical incision.  In my practice, all of the sterry strips are removed 2-3 weeks after surgery.  At an appropriate time, we start silicone sheeting scar therapy. See your surgeon for an in person advise regarding best approach to your scar treatment

Silicone tape

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Check with your surgeon before purchasing the silicone tape. In general, silicone tape, sheets or gel are great for reducing scars, but since your surgeon knows your case intimately, get the go ahead from him or her first. 
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Paper tape or silicone tape

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Paper tape, or steri-strips are placed and act like external sutures without leaving you with railroad tracks. After your first month, then your incisions will be managed with silicone tape.  

Paper tape vs. Silicone Tape

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Thank you for your question. 
I usually use paper tape for about 3 - 4 weeks. If everything is healing nicely I use the silicone sheets or tapes on the scares after that.
I always avoid putting any silicone products on surgical wounds that have not yet healed properly. This means in some cases I could wait longer before using them.
It's best to see your surgeon so he can evaluate your scars and give his opinion on the matter.
Best of luck,
Dr. Miguel Mota

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Paper tape vs. silicone tape after Breast Lift? (photos)

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We are NOT your surgeon of record. Thus best to only ask your chosen surgeon their opinion of store bought tapes!>>>>>>>>>

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