I have broken/bad teeth. Can they be fixed without anesthesia?

Do u have to have general anesthesia for dental implants, not local anesthesia? I can't be put out, had a bad experience & is not recommended for me. I'd rather be awake, is that possible? Front 6 are broken, a couple at the gum line, two front ones not at the gum line, but are very small. I have a bad tooth in the back molar, probably needs a root canal. All bottom front teeth are perfect and good. A couple in the mid (not front or back) broken at gum line. Would bridges or crowns be an option?

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General Anesthetic for Bad or Broken Teeth?

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Thank-you for your question.

In most circumstances, or unless someone suffers from a severe dental phobia, dental implant surgery is conducted under local anesthetic. When you schedule an appointment with a dental implant specialist, he or she will assess your needs.

Good luck and please post your before and after pictures for all to share.

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General anesthesia not common in dental office

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Most dental surgeries are done with only local numbing, not "putting under" so yes, you can avoid being put under. 

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