Swellings 2 weeks after bi-lateral Blepharoplasty for double eyelid

I have just had double eye-lid surgery.  It looked great before the stitches were taken out after 2 weeks - hardly any swelling and barely any bruising.  I slept in big sunglasses - still am 5 weeks on - so my eyes didn't touch the pillow as I sleep on my tummy due to chronic back problems.  There is now a lot of swelling above the stitch line corner to corner on my left eye but on my right eye the swelling is to the outer corner causing a droop of skin which is worse than before the op.  I've been told they are gravity swellings, they don't drain during the day.  I lie down a lot because of my back problems and can't sleep on my back or side.  I'm quite desperate as I had no aftercare instructions but was doing very well - I've used cold compresses, and cucumber, and am seeing my Consultant in 3 weeks but it now looks worse than before the op. and I'm not only despairing but scared too.  Any help would be great.  Also how to moisturise the lids and if I should be trying to massage the *fluid* away?  Thanks for any answers .......I'm in the U.K.

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Post op swelling

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You don't state your age and I don't see photos. But if you had skin removal as part of the surgery (I'm guessing you're over 40 - based on our statement about back problems), I would take a guess that you are seeing a drop in the eyebrow position. This will occur after removal of skin and this fullness  represents the thicker brow skin that is now juxtaposed over the upper lid. Especially since you say the problem occurred a few weeks after surgery, which is when the brow frequently drops. You can wait it out, but if it's a brow problem, the fullness will not get significantly better. You can try botox to raise the brow if you don't want more surgery.

Eyelid Surgery and Healing time.

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It takes time to heal.  At two weeks you still have 50 weeks to go in the process.  Calm yourself and call your doctor.  Any respectable plastic surgery will see his patients any time, any place, and immediately.  Why are you wondering about post op care?  Call the surgeron.  You paid him for this.  Go into the office and demand to be seen.  You will be seenI assure you.  Best Dr G Commons

Swelling two weeks after double eyelid surgery.

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Swelling after double eyelid surgery is not uncommon. If your surgeon did not advise you to massage, perhaps it is better not to manipulate your eyelids at this point. You may consider using a heating pad to help rid the lids of any old blood products that may cause swelling.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Make no sense.

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Some photos would be very helpful.

I suspect that you are fiddling too much with your eyelids.  At 5 weeks you should not need to apply anything to the eyelids.  It is possible that you are applying something to the eyelid skin that is causing an issue.  Rubbing, massaging the eyelids is not helpful.  Stop massaging the eyelids.  Leave them alone.  If you do this, I predict that things will rapidly settle down.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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