I have super sensitive, rosacea and keloid scarring potential. Is Thermage the way to go?

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Super Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, and Keloid Scarring

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I suppose the question you may want to ask is whether Thermage is the best available treatment for you. the answer depends on a number of factors.  However, keloids or scars that grow beyond the natural boundaries of a wound in a botyroid fashion, only form on the earlobes, deltoid region, and sternum.  True facial keloids are extremely rare.  Many patients make the assumption that a poorly healed scar on another part of the body condemns them to bad scarring in the face, eyelids, etc. This is not the case, because facial wounds almost always heal more quickly and with better scars than other regions of the body. Is Thermage the best form of minimally invasive soft tissue tightening?  In my opinion, Ulthera, which utilizes focused ultrasound waves, is superior and more consistent than Thermage.  Will Thermage treat Rosacea?  No.  Although Rosacea is not "cured" by any procedure, the redness and broken blood vessels can be addressed with IPL (Intense Pulse Light).

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Thermage and sensitive skin

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Thermage is a great laser for skin tightening and can be used on all skin types including those with rosacea and sensitive skin.  Thermage in my opinion is the best skin tightening laser on the market.  I have used it for all patient skin types on the face, eyes, and other areas of the body.  For the best results please consult a dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Thermage.

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