Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

i am 5'2 inches tall and weight 59kgs.

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Increasing breast size

No sucking or pressing on the breasts will increase breast size unless you are nursing.  After nursing has stopped, many women loose breast size and shape.There is a temporary method called BRAVA that will modestly increase the breast size to allow fat grafting to the breasts.
Without fat grafting, the breasts then usually quickly return to their original size when BRAVA is stopped. Don't fall for the "line" from a man if he tells you that sucking and pressing or handling a breast will increase its size.

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Sucking and Pressing Will Not Increase Breast Size

Sucking and pressing the breast will not increase breast size.
There is a system called Brava that uses suction to enlarge the breast: the device is cumbersome, the effect is temporary and may cause unsatisfactory shape changes. Some woman using the system have gotten as much as a cup size increase, but the breast will revert to its smaller size if the treatment is discontinued.
More recently, some surgeons have been using fat grafting together with Brava to enlarge the breast.

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Small change can be achieved

The BRAVA device can be used to stretch the skin in combination with fat grafting for a modest increase in breast size. The "sucking and pressing" stretches the skin and the fat transfer (your own fat removed from another area of your body and injected into your breasts) increases the volume. Most women want a bigger change than this method can provide and opt for implants. All of the options can be overwhelming and are best discussed in consultation with your plastic surgeon so that the answer can be tailored to your breasts and desired outcome.

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Sucking and pressing the breast for size increase

No.  No kind of manipulation of the breast will make them larger.  If you note it, its likely swelling and will go away.  Also no creams have been proven to work

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Breast Size Increase with Suction

 Focal suction techniques and pressure techniques cause mild, focal edema (swelling) of the breasts, which is usually temporary and does not offer a substantial increase in volume during that temporary time frame. The BRAVA  Device is a total breast suction technique with a large device that is applied to your breast and suction is performed for long durations to allow for the press to swell. This is usually followed with a surgery called autologous fat grafting to fill the swollen breast with fat from another part of your body. Without this fat grafting, and the breasts would lose their swollen volume.  The most common method progress augmentation is breast augmentation with an implant. In either case, I would recommend you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in breast augmentation to discuss with you the differences in the techniques, the pros and cons, and safety of each in your particular case.

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Your best options for increasing breast size

If you are interested in growing your breast size, your two best options are a breast augmentation with implants or your own fat transfer. Without going into the pros and cons, one quick thing worth noting is that the fat transfer procedure will likely cost you 2 to 3 times more, depending on how much you need and what your goals are. The reason is that it will take several visits to an operating room to collect the fat and transfer it.

There are benefits and risks to a breast augmentation, like any other surgical procedure. And you also have the alternative of doing nothing, that is, not getting implants or a fat transfer.

As a patient, the best you can do is understand and accept this reality, and make a decision based on that.

The key is to ask yourself, "How much do I want this? For me, is it worth the actual cost? Also, is it worth the potential cost in the unfortunate case of a complication?" Those are subjective criteria. They are not facts, but, at the end of the day, it's what it comes down to. It's a very personal decision only you can make.

I hope that answers your question on breast enlargement. It’s great that you’re doing this research. I always say that the best patients are informed patients.

You might also want to research your options for breast implants. Choosing the right implant is the number one concern among women considering breast augmentation. Did you know, there’s actually a way to select a implant shape, size, and profile that is perfect for you?

A term that I use with my patients for the perfect implant is the “Pony Implant”.

So what do I mean by “perfect”? Well, a Pony Implant has three qualities to it. First, the implant meets your beauty goals. For example, you want to your breasts to look fuller while still appearing natural.

Second, when you chose your Pony Implant, you walk out of your consultation 100% confident that you’ve chosen the right shape and size for you. In other words, you won’t be second guessing your decision, and you won’t be afraid of having gone too big or too small.

And third, after your procedure, you are thrilled with your results, and say, "I’m so happy. This is exactly what I wanted!"

That’s the Pony Implant. And the great news is that there is a simple process to go about finding yours.

This issue of selecting the right implant is so important when it comes to patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction that, again, I really encourage you to learn more about it.

Thank you for reading and best of luck on your journey!

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Does suction increase size

Certainly their are techniques described with a negative suction device used to expand the breast skin but it is used in conjunction with fat grafting to enhance volume.  Any temporary increase in size or shape would not be lasting.

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Increasing the Breast Size through ‘Sucking and Pressing’

Thank you very much for your question. Unfortunately, the only method for a long-lasting increase in breast size is a breast augmentation procedure. Placing either saline or silicone implants, your surgeon can individually-tailor the breast augmentation to meet your desired aesthetic goals. Implants can last a decade or longer. A fat transfer procedure, taking unwanted fatty tissue from elsewhere on the body and injecting it into the breast, can also provide the desired results. The BRAVA device does use suction to temporarily stretch breast tissue and slightly increase breast size, but these changes are minimal and are generally only done to make room for a fat transfer. My suggestion is that you schedule a consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. At this time, he/she can perform a physical examination, then explain your best options for breast augmentation.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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Thanks for the great question! Although there are many treatments advertised to naturally increase breast size, none of them have been proven to work. Sucking and pressing the breasts falls into that category as well. 

The main two ways to increase breast size currently are either through the use of a breast implant or by transferring fat to the breast. If you would like more information, I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon in your area for a consultation. They will be able to tell you more about the procedures and what to expect. Best of luck!

~Dr. Sieber

David A. Sieber, MD
Bay Area General Surgeon
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Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

After childbirth a child's suckling of the breast can stimulate "milk let down" in production and increase breast size.

However under normal circumstances, without pregnancy, sucking and compressing the breast will not cause any increase in size.

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