One Breast Implant Taking Longer to Drop

I am three weeks and 2 days post op under muscle Mentor smooth round moderate profile saline implants of 225 cc filled to 250 cc. I was a full 34B but 41 years old and trying to fight gravity. My left breast implant has been sitting lower since week two and feels almost like it's not there (I mean it's beginning to feel like my own). My right one still looks close to where it was when I came home, and always feels like it's trying to go up further especially when I bend over to pick things up or pet the dog. I was told to only start massage at my two week mark which I have been doing religiously.

Why is the implant placed so high in the chest area in the first place when getting sub-muscular implant?

I am really concerned that the pocket was not made wide enough on the right and won't drop because it can't. I am constantly wondering if I should use my arm as I normally would or if I should try to use it as little as possible. Should I wear a strap or go braless?
I chose my plastic surgeon because all of the pictures on his website looked so natural. I did not want to look like I had implants. At the moment, I look like I have something shoved up into my chest on the right side. It's ugly! I am going to Hawaii with my Mother in Law in two months and can't even go bathing suit shopping.


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Hard to tell this early

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Others have suggested that time and massage are needed. I agree. From your picture, your breast tissue and skin appear to be of good quality and the skin envelope appears fairly tight. Presuming that your tissue envelope was not particularly deflated or sagging preoperatively, it is often the case that implants will take many weeks to "drop."

When placing an implant, I set the level of the pocket at a location at the bottom of the breast. From here the implant doesn't so much "drop" in position, but rather the breast tissue relaxes and accommodates the implant. As this happens, the lower pole of the breast rounds-out and the "too high" upper boder of the implant comes down.

It has been my experience that postoperative massage can play a critical role in a case such as yours. Our patients see our massage therapist at their preoperative visit and at a postoperative visit. In a case such as yours, I think it is reasonable to come out of any bra and use a band.

I'd suggest you call your surgeon's office, and see if they can recommend a perioperative massage therapist experienced in such cases. We've found that commonly, patients are much to "light" in their massage and that even one visit with the therapist can recalibrate this pressure and teach a patient and thier partner most effectively.

Bottom Line: Time will tell, but I'd step up the massage and recommend a perioperative massage therapy visit.

Hope this helps.

Breast asymmetry after augmentation

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I would respectfully disagree with some of my colleagues comments and play devil's advocate.

I clearly have seen implants drop. This is a known fact and can be seen on many websites.

Sometimes when a breast looks perfect at the end of the case, it drops down several months later to an undesireable height. In managing breast implant uneveness and correcting a high riding implant, I intentionally undercorrect because I know it will drop over a 6-9 month period.

However, it does appear that the right is larger and it may be due to pre-existing or secondary to surgery.

I would urge you to give it some time but obtain second opinions for your sake. I would be cautious in choosing a plastic surgeon who claims or guarantees you that they will make you even.

In the meantime, consider preferential breast implant displacement exercises if OK'd by your surgeon in which you selectively stretch out the right breast lower pocket but placing pressure on the upper half of the breast.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

Some early asymmetry is normal

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It’s not unusual for the breasts to heal at different rates following breast augmentation, which can lead to the appearance of one implant “dropping” more slowly than the other. There are many reasons that this occurs, including the fact that the muscles on your dominant side are used more and that means they’re tighter. The process of the tissues and muscle surrounding the implant relaxing is simply one that takes more time than many women realize. Seeing the final results of your breast augmentation can take up to several months.

Nirav Savalia, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Time and massage are your best allies

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At only 3 weeks postop it is not possible to say where you will be at the 3 month point. Hopefully, with time, tissue relaxation, and massage compressing the right upper pole, you will settle on the right side to where you don't need revision. Please make sure you don't over use your right arm and don't wear any push-up garments.

No pictures are only 3 weeks post surgery

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Dear Kilt,
I would be willing to bet the cost of a breast augmentation that NONE of the pictures on your surgeon's website are patients just 3 weeks and two days after surgery. We have good reason for waiting at least six months before obtaining our post operative photos. Implants do indeed descend on the chest wall over time. The time may be as long as six months and you would be surprised at the symmetry that can occur. Please be patient and listen to your surgeon. He may reccommend placing a band to hasten the descent of the right implant. Good luck!

Implant Dropping After Surgery

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Based on your photo, it's not clear to me that your implant hasn't dropped.  If you are right-handed, which I'm guessing from your picture that you are, the pectoral muscle on your right is expected to be larger and will create more fullness in the upper region of your breast.  Rest assured, this extra fullness typically diminishes over the first several months (it's more due to swelling in the larger-side muscle) and is rarely a long-term problem.  Continue with your massages, remain patient, and continue following up with your surgeon.

Brian Howard, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants Too High after Breast Augmentation

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I am sorry you are going through this tough time right now, but hopefully the implants will settle with time.

It is normal and in fact, quite usual for the implants to sit high after augmentation, especially submuscular.  The muscle is still tight and pushes the volume in the implant toward the top of the chest. As the muscle relaxes, the volume in the implant can settle toward the bottom of the breast.

This may take weeks or months and is helped a great deal by massage techniques.

Worse case scenario, a second minor procedure to release the bottom of the implant pocket might be necessary, but give yourself at least 3-6 months before considering the possibility of another procedure.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants should drop more after several months

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You have to be patient and do massage. The implants should drop some more. Give it several months to relax and descend before getting too nervous.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Higher right implant.

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It is natural to be worried.  Usually, though, implants take much longer to achieve their final results.  Be patient, continue massage, and follow up with you Doc.  It will likely get much better.

Michael Philbin, MD
Edina Plastic Surgeon

Time and breast massage exercises best for you now

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I’m sorry to hear about your issues. I must agree with the other physicians that time and breast massage are best for you now. Usually, it takes about 3-4 months before optimal results are seen. I would advise you to remain patient before considering any revision. Continue follow up with your plastic surgeon and inquire if he/she thinks if a mammary band may facilitate the descent of the implants. I hope you find this helpful.

Stephen A. Goldstein, MD
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

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