Strattice complications and risks after original complications?

I have read that CC cannot accrue in Strattice. Is this true and what are the clear complications? I had the strattice put in a week ago for bottoming out with this set of implants. My left breast has no movement at all and I'm fear CC as I had it before in previous surgery. My question is can CC had developed from the surgery and reopening up the breast? And can I take accolate after surgery? I am 2.5 months out from original implants being placed.

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Strattice complications and risks after original complications?

It is too early to make a diagnosis of capsular contracture. If the Strattice was used to help with bottoming out, the breast should feel tighter. The capsular contracture rate is believed to be reduced with Strattice, but the rate is certainly not zero. Finally, Strattice placed for bottoming out will be placed in a different area and for a different reason that capsular contracture.

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Strattice and capsular contracture

There still is a small risk of capsular contracture developing with strattice. At one week after surgery, it is unlikely that a capsular contracture has developed.

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Capsular contracture and dermal matrix.

You mention that your Strattice was placed to correct implants which had bottomed out. This is a common use to support implants in the correct position and prevent recurrence of the bottoming out. If the pocket is snug, it is common for them to feel a bit "tight." They should loosen over time, but because the Strattice does not stretch, inframammary fold position should stay put. Capsular contracture is a totally different process due to scar tightening in the capsule which takes at least a month before presentation. It is uncommon to see a capsular contracture occur in the presence of dermal matrix. Be patient, follow your surgeon's instructions, and don't take additional medications without your consulting your surgeon.

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Strattice and capsular contracture

In general, you would not see evidence of a capsular for several months. I would be patient at this point and wait to see what happens. Best of luck.

Strattice and capsular contracture

Capsular contracture is very unlikely to develop after placement of Strattice, so Accolate is not likely to be helpful. At one week you would not be seeing CC anyway, and as swelling subsides the breast should begin to move and feel more natural.

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The use of Strattice to prevent capsular dontracturee

The exact cause(s) of capsular contracture (CC) are still not completely understood. The use of Strattice and other like materials has proven to be a valuable tool in breast surgery,both cosmetic and reconstructive. BUT its use as a "sling" in patients with" bottoming out" is no guarantee that these conditions will not reoccur.

CC is really an internal scar and its causes and subsequent bottoming out may be reduced by reducing implant size or type .What is your hgt. and wt. and original bra size?

For now sit tight.

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