Can I shave my face post SmartSkin CO2 laser?

I had a mild treatment done, and would like to shave my face. My dermatologist said I only would need 3 days downtime, it has now been a week since my treatment.

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Can I shave my face post SmartSkin CO2 laser?

Thanks for your query. Smart skin co2 is micro ablative laser which comes with a downtime. Downtime varies from person to person and it varies with settings used. Generally it varies from 3-10. You can shave after 48 hrs from the treatment as it gives sufficient time for the skin to heal. Hope it helps.

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Can I shave my face post SmartSkin CO2 laser?

Hello leilathediva,

You really need to ask your dermatologist that question.  The reason to hold off from shaving after any form of resurfacing is to not irritate the skin.  Depending on what your skin looks like now, you may or may not be advised to shave.  It really all depends on how things look as opposed to a set time.

I hope this helps and good luck. 

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