Should I stop upper body workouts prior to surgery?

I do bootcamp three days a week and on other days I do a combo of cardio and weight training. A friend of mine mentioned that I may want to hold off on doing chest/upper body exercises so that my muscles aren't so tight since I will be having implants under the muscle. She said that when she had hers done her chest hurt so much more because her muscles were so tight. What are your thoughts or experiences??

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Strength Training and Breast Augmentation

Building strength in chest and shoulder muscles is valuable for feeling good, functioning well and looking your best.  I have my athletic patients avoid heavy chest exercises for 4-6 weeks following breast augmentation surgery, but otherwise I encourage them to keep fit.  My patients that are body builders and personal trainers do just fine with that post op routine. 

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Should I stop upper body workouts prior to surgery?

Thank you for the question. There is no need to stop upper or lower body exercise prior to undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Working out prior to surgery will not make recovery more difficult or painful.  Your plastic surgeon will guide you postoperatively when it comes to resuming activities. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very happy with.

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Breast Implant Position & Upper Body Workout


Since you do not plan to change your workouts after surgery, do not stop before breast augmentation. You should NOT, however, have the implants placed below the muscle. The post op pain is only one reason for changing the placement. It is also hard to obtain and maintain the projection you want. Additionally, every time you move your arm you will bounce the implant and this can be both uncomfortable and, in skimpy clothes, unsightly. With the constant pressure on the implant, there is a higher risk of implant rupture and displacement. Also, the muscle thins with time and many people have problems with arm movement. I have rarely seen a patient who works out like you happy after a sub muscular breast implant.


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Stopping Upper Body Workouts Prior to Breast Implants

      There is no need to stop upper body workouts prior to breast augmentation.  In general, women who have more muscle will have more pain.  However, taking a few weeks off prior to surgery will not have an impact on muscle mass.   Therefore, you may as well work out before surgery.  You will need 6 weeks away from the weights after the breast augmentation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Should I stop upper body workouts prior to surgery?

The benefits of exercise should not be stopped prior to your surgical procedure. However, after surgery you will need to refrain from exercise in order to prevent  bleeding and a postoperative problem.

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Workout before breast augmentation

Exercising prior to breast augmentation should not be a problem.  Afterwards, you will need to hold off on upper body excercises for a few weeks or until you're comfortable.

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Exercise and Augmentation

I have no problem with patients exercising prior to surgery. If the implants are placed under the muscle there is typically some slight to moderate discomfort from stretching the muscle.I have found  muscle relaxers after surgery help manage the discomfort.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
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