Why Did I Get an Anesthesia Bill for $1200 After Paying $6300 for Breast Augmentation?

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Bills after augmentation

can sometimes surface but you should contact your doctor's office and have their staff resolve this for you IF your estimate included EVERYTHING (implant, facility, anesthesia and surgeon fees).  If it did not and you were not clearly told this, then your doctor was not clear with you about what costs you are responsible for and you have a legitimate gripe if this was the scenario.  Sometimes cases go long but I cannot imagine an additional fee of $1200 for anesthesia... but this should also have been made clear to you before you 'signed up'.  Hope you can resolve this with your surgeon and his anesthesia provider as these surprises usually never happen with cosmetic surgery.

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Understanding Costs Associated With Breast Augmentation

One possible scenario is that the surgery took longer than expected. Breast Augmentation is usually quoted for a typical amount of surgical time. In my surgery center--it is quoted based on 2 hours of surgery.   However, a case can sometimes go longer than the average. While this is unusual, it does happen. If the surgery is much longer than the average estimated time, some Facilities will balance bill for the extra time in the OR.  However, all of this should be stated in the Quotation that you received prior to surgery. 

Alternatively, it could be a mistake, or perhaps the anesthesia bill was not part of the original fee quotation. You should call the office and speak with the person who quoted the procedure.



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Contact your surgeon

Unless your bill of $6300 included all you may have had a separate charge for anesthesia services. You need to check your original proposal.

Anesthesa bill after BAM

This is likely an error.

You should first check your quote, and will likely see that the anesthesia is included in that.  Next call the ps office and bring it to the attention of the business office and let them deal with it.

What you must NOT do, is ignore the bill.  You will be sent to collections.


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Anesthesia bill after breast surgery

I think that you have to discuss this with your surgeon's office. Some offices collect the fees for everything and sometimes the anesthesiologist bills separately.

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Why Did I Get an Anesthesia Bill for $1200 After Paying $6300 for Breast Augmentation?

This should be an easy problem to remedy. Just check with your surgeon's office and you will see what you paid for and if anything was left for you to pay.

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Anesthesia Bill after breast augmentation

Speak with your surgeon. You should have been told all the associated fees before your surgery. This may be something you were told you will owe, or it may be an error.

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Anesthesia bill

This question is best directed at your plastic surgeon's office.  It is possible this could be an error or it is possible the bill is for the anesthesiologist's professional fees.   Please talk to your PS for answers.  Best wishes.



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Anesthesia bills after breast augmentation

Sometimes the 'low cost' quote for a breast augmentation can hide the total fees for a procedure and the surprise after can be quite disappointing. It is important to understand if your surgeon quoted his fees only and not the facility and anesthesia fees involved. Hope the anesthesia bill is an error!

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Why Did I Get an Anesthesia Bill for $1200 After Paying $6300 for Breast Augmentation?

Depending on how you paid for your surgery there may be any error.  There are three components of the breast augmentation fees. the surgeon's fee which usually includes the implants, the anesthesia fee, and the OR or operating facility fee.  Check you original estimate to see where you were to pay each component. If you have already paid for anesthesia then the error is in Anesthesia Billing Department.  This has happened many times in cases across the country.  Ask your Plastic Surgeon and he will get it clarified for you.

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