What is StomaphyX?

What is StomaphyX and how does it work on bariatric patients?

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What is Stomaphyx?

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Stomaphyx is an endoscopic procedure that involves suctioning the wall of the stomach into a device and placing a plastic t-fastener to form a plication to reduce the volume of the gastric pouch.  We were  among the first surgeons in the country to perform this procedure and unfortunately this procedure does not work and has been replaced with the ROSE procedure.  Any surgeon presently recommending Stomaphyx has no idea what they are doing or just wants to take your money.    There is no data available anywhere to show that this procedure does anything.  All of the patients we rescoped after Stomaphyx had no plications a few months after the procedure.

Stomaphyx Procedure

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StomaphyX is a transoral device. StomaphyX is introduced into the body through the mouth. The procedure is performed under the visualization of an endoscope inserted down the central shaft of the StomaphyX. Once inside the gastric pouch, a small section of the stomach wall is suctioned up into the device and fastened with a suture-like fastener creating a fold similar to a pleat called a plication. As many as 10-20 plications may be created depending on the needs of the patient.

The new Stomaphyx procedure is a  pouch size reduction technique ideal for patients who are either less than satisfied with weight gain after full gastric bypass, or disappointed in their overall weight loss after surgery.  The Stomaphyx procedure helps to reduce hunger and food intake for the purpose of additional weight loss. Patients describe the results of the Stomaphyx as having the same restriction as the initial gastric bypass.

What’s more, Stomaphyx procedure for weight loss is as minimally invasive a procedure as we can offer for weight loss, carrying with it the following benefits:

The Stomaphyx Procedure:

· Endoscopic procedure executed through mouth/esophagus—no external incisions

· Reduces size of stomach pouch from the inside, leading to reduced hunger/food intake

· Preserves future treatment options

· Provides the fastest recovery times yet for weight loss procedures.  Usually done as an ambulatory procedure.


David Buchin, MD, FACS

David Buchin, MD
Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

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