Will Cigna Pay for Gastric Bypass Surgery Again?

I had surgery about five years ago due to some family problems and being stressed out I have gained most of the weight back I lost. I would like to have another surgery soon because my knees ar starting to hurt again. Do you know if Cigna will cover the surgery again? I heard they would but I wanted to be sure.

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Revision of gastric bypass surgery insurance coverage

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Most insruance companies if they do not have an exclusion for bariatric surgery will cover revision and subsequent bariatric surgical procedure but this is variable among insurance companies.  I recommend seeking out an experienced bariatric revision surgeon and then have them investiagte coverage for you absed on their findings.

Does insurance pay for revisions?

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Anytime you are considering a revision, you also have to consider what type of policy you have with your insurance carrier.  If you don t know where to start you may consider visiting with a weight loss surgeon and explore your options for a revision or re-operation and the office staff may help you find out if your insurance will cover a revision.

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
Houston General Surgeon

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