Long-Term Pain After Breast Lift

I Wish to Thank the Specialists Who Posted Their Answers to my Previous Question About Recovery After Breast Lift. However, I wasn't clear enough about the post-operative pain I am still experiencing. My scars have faded (17 months since the surgery) and they are not sensitive to touch any more. The nipple itself, however, feels sore rather than sensitive and it is in the breast tissue that I still feel pain, sometimes even the whole breast area feels hypersensitive. This started soon after the surgery and has only mildly improved since. There were no infections or complications post-surgery. Thank you.

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Breast pain

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It is unusual for patients to have long term pain in their breasts after surgery so many months out.  An exam may be helpful ..but then again it may  not.  It certainly is a starting point to isolate it and perhaps to a potential source.  Good luck.

Long term pain after breast lift

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Tenderness and sensitivity in the nipple is common after breast surgery of all types. However, pain within the breast and nipple after a year is not. There risk is very unusual and there is no data available to give an idea of how many have such a complaint or measures as how to resolve it. Have your surgeon do a good breast exam.

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