10 days post endoscopic brow lift and they dropped back it seems (photos)

Things were looking pretty good and today BOOM, DROPPP. I know swelling has probably subsided and I never expected PERFECT symmetry, but for all the $, time and 7 incisions / screws, does this look right? It's not as if they will go higher with swelling reduction, right? Could I have busted through my tensions that lead to the screws on top? My fear is, if we need a redo let's do it while the screws still may b on top?! Any thoughts appreciated

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Early brow falling post procedure

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Following the endo-brow procedure, progressive lose of swelling occurs. This will allow the brow to fall back into the planned preop determined position. If the amount of elevation was planned to be conservative then it may appear that your brows have fallen. It's unusual for the brow to fall back to their original position after brow elevation particularly in the early postop time period. You need to discuss this situation with your surgeon and see where you go from here.

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10 days post endoscopic brow lift and they dropped back it seems

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Yes a revision NOW! Best to return to see your chosen surgeon ASAP! Revision are common with endo forehead lifts./// 

Endoscopic forehead lift drop??

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The brows will not go up with time. See your surgeon now and he can reposition this if needed. 

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Endoscopic brow lift problems

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It is difficult to appreciate the 8 day photo because of your hair, but it seems the 10 day is similar to the pre-op. The endoscopic brow lift should hold its position well and is a good operation. It is possible that a suture may have ruptured if you looked good post-op and then noticed a rapid change. 

Continue to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you progress as planned.

Best of luck,
Vincent Marin, MD
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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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