Will Soprano Xl for Hair Removal Cause Hyperpigmentation in South Asians?

Hi i am a medium south asian colour (type 4/5) will soprano hair laser cause hyperpigmentaton?

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Laser Hair Removal and Hyperpigmentation on Asian Skin

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Laser hair removal on Asian skin is quite common in 2014. In fact, I go to Asia more than most dermatologists and have been honored with 6 academic appointments in China for the work I have done over there with my colleagues. Having said that, one of the points that I routinely make when discussing hair removal when I lecture around the world is that all of the machines of today (2014) are produced to work in Asia, which has the largest market anywhere.

The Soprano is an 810 nm diode that is FDA cleared to work on all skin types and even tanned skin. You should not have laser hair removal if you have tanned skin. But otherwise, with its super fast mode, ski type is not relevant like it once was so treating anyone with this device should not be a concern.

Once again, choose the right provider – a board-certified derm or plastic.

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Will Soprano Xl for Hair Removal Cause Hyperpigmentation in South Asians?

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The Soprano is a wonderful laser for your skin type, however, keep in mind, it is impossible to predict who might have hyperpigmentation even with the same skin type.  It is my practice to always perform a test spot prior to treatment especially in darker skin types. Best of luck.


Dr. Malouf

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As a dermatologist with expertise in South Asian skin, I have used the soprano XL numerous times for hair removal. It is an 810 nm laser- thus the laser wavelenght will penetrate deep enough to destroy the hair follicles without interfering with the beautiful pigment in your skin! It should be used at proper fluences (energy) and with adequate cooling in order to protect your skin. In addition, you can insure the safety of your skin by not getting any sun for 2 -4 weeks before each laser hair removal session. I hope that helps :)

Mohiba Khan Tareen, MD
Minneapolis Dermatologic Surgeon

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