Is Soprano Laser Hair Removal Treatment Effective

I have had 8 sessions on my legs with Soprano Laser, pain free & effective on all skin types. I have very fair skin with black course hair. Last 2 x sessions quite painful, Dr said he needed to strengthen the laser at it didn't seem to be as effective as it should.Last treatment only shed about 10% of the hair. My hair is softer & reduced i am still covered in black hair i am not sure of my next step as i have already done 8 sessions & @ $800 each sessions i am left with long black hairs.

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Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal

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Unfortunately there are many contributing factors to hair growth and the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal.  Fair skin and dark hair is very ideal for a diode laser, which is considered the gold standard for laser hair removal.  Things that can contribute to outcome can include, but are not limited to; how much time between each treatment, hormones, ethnicity, appropriate treatments, hair color, density, and skin color.
To achieve optimal results, each growth cycle has to be targeted in the initial, or anagen, growth phase.  This is what allows the follicle to be damaged or destroyed, in order to reduce hair growth.  With the Soprano Ice, treatments are recommended spaced 6-8 weeks apart.  Sometimes it can take many treatments, even 12 or more; not common, but it happens.  It is common to adjust the energy of the laser, as the treatment area and hair growth pattern change during the course of treatment.  Keep in contact with your doctor about your progress and expectations. 

Make Sure Provider Is Skilled in Laser Hair Removal

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The Soprano is an effective laser and has been improved even more in 2014. It’s fast and effective for most everyone who has it done. The biggest factor that seems to be in play is that you need to make sure the provider is well-skilled in laser hair removal. It is not always a cookbook approach to everyone and on occasion, decision making and changing how one does it is important. It also works over time – on average, 3-6 treatments may be needed – so some need less and some need more. But this should have been reviewed with you beforehand. It is a great machine when used correctly.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser hair removal with the Soprano laser

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The Soprano laser uses an 810 nm. wavelength which has been considered the gold standard of hair removal effectiveness as the Light Sheer Diode laser first utilized. It's wavelength is absorbed by the hair shaft below the skin and the heat generated then destroys the hair follicle. There is always a risk of skin hyperpigmentation, blister, hypopigmentation, with any laser for hair removal and it is prudent to be cautious and work up, as I say, "the ladder of aggressiveness" rather than starting high in energy levels to convenience the patient with fewer treatments, only to regret that decision.  Test spots can and are often done, prior to the first treatment to see the reaction per different energy levels and then the first treatment's laser settings are based on the individual patient's results.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Does Painless Laser Hair Removal Work

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Hi Singapore.  Forgive us for getting into a technical discussion, but to properly answer your question, we feel we need to.

To permanently damage the hair follicle such that it does not grow hair any longer, a certain peak temperature must be achieved.  The reason for this is that to achieve PERMANENT hair removal, the small blood vessel that feeds the hair must be cauterized (damaged) to the point where it does not carry blood any longer.  This process is at the very heart of why we do NOT believe in painless permanent laser hair removal.

When achieving a high enough temperature to damage the small blood vessels, there will be discomfort or pain.  While "pain" is a relative for each individual, it is definitely NOT painless when you achieve a temperature that is high enough to damage these blood vessels.  This is the reason that we do not believe in painless hair removal.  If discomfort or pain is not present, the required temperature to close the small blood vessel has not been achieved and permanent hair removal will not be the outcome.

If you go back to this practitioner, which we would not suggest, request that he/she use the traditional small spot diode head of this laser as it will lead to better results for you.  Either that or find an MD that uses the traditional Lumenis Lightsheer (not the painless one).

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.4 out of 5 stars 7 reviews

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