Why Didn't Smart Lipo Work on Me?

I had smart lipo on knees, inner and outer thigh, love handles, upper back (bra area) and upper arms. One year later and still no improvement. My weight is normal for my age and height. I exercise and eat healthy. I did not have the procedure to reduce fat. I had it to firm skin and reduce cellulite. The surgeon told me that I did not need to have suction as it would be absorbed by my body. Why did it not work on me?

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SmartLipo works best if liposuction is done after the laser

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Using only the laser to heat up the tissue and hope for tissue tightening will not provide as good a result as you would probably get from having liposuction aspiration after the laser treatment.  The heat of the laser may induce tissue tightening but the activity of the liposuction cannula eliminating the fat helps make more channels in which to compress the fatty compartment, and the inflammation that follows can help induce more collagen formation.

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You should had liposuction with laser lipo

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The combination of the laser lipo and suction will give better result. The result of any procedure depends on the surgeon and not the tool.

Smartlipo results

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If the fat was not suctioned, then chances are not much was melted since larger amounts usually need to be suctioned. That means you probably only had a tiny bit of improvement but not enough for you to notice a huge difference. While smartlipo can firm the skin a bit and reduce cellulite, it really depends on the patient. If you have a lot of sagging skin, then it won't firm up too much because the effect is mild. I think you should go back to your surgeon to talk about your results, and see if there is something else better suited for you.

Smart lipo did not work?

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Normally the best result is when the fat is also removed, not left behind. Second, lipo of any form is not FDA approved for cellulite and is generally ineffective for this purpose alone. You should speak with your surgeon as they are the best to ascertain your results

Fat sucks.

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Provided your surgeon removed the fat in question, you've either gained weight and hidden your result, or you have persistent swelling/scarring.  The best person to ask would be the surgeon who did your surgery.  You should ask him or her if they think there is still fat present that they could remove.

Touchups after liposuction are not unheard of.

Best of luck.

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