Smart Lipo for Eye Bags and Chin?

Hi! I'm a very young-looking 47-year-old who is a complete virgin in all this. I'm not sure who to ask about what would be best for me. I have nasolabial folds, very slight jowls, and most of all, a very soft chin line and double chin. Is "Smart Lipo" good for the eye bags and chin? To whom should I go to for this? Thanks so much. Best wishes.

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I would go with Restylane for the eyes rather than surgery. It's impossible to say about the chin

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You may want to consider doing a filler for the eyes rather than anything else. The SmartLipo would NOT be a good idea there, but a filler evens it out very nicely in many cases.

As for the chin, the picture doesn't do much to show your area, but it looks fairly minimal and possibly would be too little to show any dramatic or worthwhile results. Sorry to be vague!

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Smartlipo for double chin

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It is difficult to tell to see exactly what we need to see from your picture and I always like to touch and feel the skin to assess how much fat is present before any liposuction or SmartLipo. If you truly have a double chin with excess fat under your chin then Absolutely, SmartLipo or liposuction is a good solution. You appear fit and are young so your skin should contract and tighten nicely.

Your "eye bags" are difficult to assess. It appears that you have some fat excess as well as some hollowing in the area between the eyelid and cheek area. Smartlipo is NOT an answer for this. Surgery to remove any excess fat in the lower eyelids, often times accompanied by laser resurfacing to tighten the skin is a great solution. Often times the small amount of fat that is present can be moved into the hollowed area (Fat transposition) to fill in the depression. Alternatively, a filler such as restylane or juvederm can be used to fill in these hollows and create a smooth contour from eyelid to cheek.

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