Smart Lipo Vs. Body-Jet?

Which procedure do you think gives the best results, Smart Lipo or Body-Jet? Has there been any bad cases in the US with the new Body-Jet Lipo?

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In experienced hands they both work well, with slight differing emphasis

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Smartlipo, and Bodyjet are two tools among several for liposuction. We use both, as well as power liposuction. A skilled surgeon can make any tool work magic for the right patient.

Having said that, there are slight differences from one method to the other. For instance, the neck might do well with traditional liposuction, supplemented by the laser such as smartlipo. If there is considerable skin laxity the laser will definitely help with tightening.

On the other hand, the tummy,  thighs, and lovehandles would benefit more from the rapid recovery and  results the body jet can offer. In addition there is the potential to save some fat from these areas to replace in the face, hands, breasts etc.. This fat transfer is not widely done with reliable results, however.

South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

Smart Lipo Vs. Body-Jet?

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The most important thing is to pick a qualified Plastic Surgeon.  I don't think there is one best machine on the market.  I used Smart Lipo, Body Jet, Power assisted lipo, etc.  I think some technologies are better for certain things than others.  For example, I use the Body Jet on all my fat transfers.  I use the Smart Lipo on all my chin lipo and facelift cases.

The most important thing is to find a qualified, experienced Plastic Surgeon.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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You are asking the wrong question...

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Hi there-

The question is not which device will give you the best outcome, whether one or both devices work or not, or any other similar question...

The question you should be asking yourself, your friends and neighbors, is which SURGEON will give me the best outcome. The media and marketing departments of the manufacturers of these devices (and a few unscrupulous doctors who would like to do more cosmetic surgery) would like for you and other nice patients like you to believe that it is the machine that matters. The reality is that it is the person holding the instrument that is going to make the difference.

I often use the analogy of a race car driver... For many years, Michael Schumacher has been the worlds best race care driver, and he drives a really nice, really fast car. The car is a marvel of modern automotive technology, and can go extremely fast, but no one of us would be silly enough to think that if we got behind the wheel of his car we could start winning races. Nor should we believe that most of the other racers at his level would win a bunch of races just because they were given his car... In other words, Mr. Schumacher still has to DRIVE the car for the outcome to be a good one.

Plastic surgery is not much different. It is a great mistake to think that we are all created equal, or that you can expect a good outcome just because a doctor's advertising says he/she uses the latest device. And please don't lose sight of the goal here... you are pursuing liposuction not because you want to be able to say that you had a certain machine used on yourself, but because you want to look a certain way... it's the OUTCOME that matters, not what machine was used, right??

If we can agree that your outcome, and being safe, are the highest priorities, then I would say you are going about your research in the wrong way...

You should first be asking WHO, not WHAT. Find a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (and it is important to ask by which board they are certified), one you like on a personal level and who you feel understands your goals, and who you think you can work with. Ask about their experience doing liposuction, and ask to view photos of recent patients, and maybe even to talk to a few. The technique they prefer should be very low on your list.

To directly answer your question about devices, I believe that in any given patient, there are multiple devices and techniques which might be successful, depending on your exam and your goals. There are particular circumstances in which I believe one device might allow a better outcome, but you should know that there is no scientific and well done study showing a benefit to wither smart lipo or water assisted liposuction. In fact, it is my opinion that both of these devices unnecessarily increase the risk of the procedure.

Be careful with your health and safety. Find a surgeon first, then worry about how they prefer to give you the outcome you desire.

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