2 Small Lumps Below Each Nipple, Saline Implant Valve?

Hello, I had my annual gyno appt today and my dr found 2 small lumps below each nipple, they are in the exact same spot on each breast/exactly the same size, feel etc. I have 5 years old saline implants and sense have breastfed and I 'm on the thin side. My dr doesn't have myuch expereince with implants and wants to send me for an ultrasound to be safe. I called my pastic surgeon and she said it sounds like we are feeling the valves to my implants. I am kinda freaking out, is this is common?

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Implant Valves Palpable after Breast Augmentation

   Implant Valves can be palpable after Breast Augmentation, and your plastic surgeon could fairly readily determine if this is the case.

Breast Implant Valves Palpable?

Yes, depending on the patient's body type and positioning of the breast implants, it is possible to feel the breast implant valves (saline implants).

 I think you will be best off visiting with your plastic surgeon,  who after direct examination,  will be able to confirm your suspicions ( and potentially save you from unnecessary imaging).  If any doubt, best to proceed with the imaging studies.

 Of course, your physicians are in the best position to advise and/or reassure you.

 Best wishes.

Many factors in evaluating breast lumps after implants

You don't mention your age, but this is important as well - it sounds like they are the valves because they are in the same place on both sides, but your plastic surgeon should be able to confirm this with a quick exam.

Small lumps in breasts

The small lumps may very well be the saline implant valve. It would be a good idea to see your plastic surgeon as well before doing the "million dollar work-up."  If not go ahead with the test to be safe.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Palpable masses

It is difficult to assess what is going on without a physical exam.  What you are feeling could be your implant.  However, just to be safe, I would proceed with breast imaging to make sure they are not breast tissue masses.   Play it safe.

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Dr. Basu

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