Slim Lipo Vs. Smart Lipo: Which is Best?

there is a lot of great information on this site about smart lipo (thank u!). what about another lipo laser treatment called "slim lipo"  is it better, same, or worse than smart lipo?

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SLIM Lipo is effective

Both SLIM and Smart Lipo is a form of laser lipolysis that will help in removing fat and tightening skin.   I chose SLIM Lipo for a number of reasons for my patients:  #1.  Energy (in the form of laser) is helpful in lipoolysis and for skin tightening.  This energy is better than having no energy, ie, liposuction alone    #2.   SLIM lipo has advantages with 2 laser wavelengths, one that is specific for fat and another more for skin tightening    #3.  SLIM lipo hasa  higher tech, flexible tip that is better for Liposculpting and "safer" for corners and curves.   Put all of this technology in the skilled hands of a board certified plastic surgeon, and you can get all the advantages that the laser can offer (skin tightening, faster recovery, laser lipolysis, etc) combined with excellent surgical techniques, results, safety.  

The right technology in the right hands can provide even better results.  The right technology in the wrong hands becomes a marketing gimmick.  I recommend that you check the true credentials of the physicians performing "Smart" lipo; oftentimes, they are not plastic surgeons, and many times, they are not even surgeons at all.    Developing hand eye coordination and the "touch and feel" for tissues does not happen in a weekend course offered by the laser company.  Plastic surgeons train in surgery for 6-8 years, develop extreme technical skills and finesse, and understand 3-Dimensional surgical anatomy.   Training alone does not guarantee success, but provides the best foundation and possibility for the best results.  

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SlimLipo is definitely smarter

After using both lasers over the past few years, my patients definitely are happier with the results from the SlimLipo. We have gotten excellent skin tightening and uniform fat removal with much less bruising and pain. We see results immediately and have noticed continued skin tightening for up to 6 months after the procedure.

Marisa Lawrence, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Slim Lipo vs. Smart Lipo

very good question

the difference between SmartLipo and Slim Lipo is that the Slim Lipo has two different laser wavelengths passing through the same fiber-optic handpiece. One is tuned to fat tissue and the other is tuned to the dermis or undersurface of the skin. Essentially skin tightening. I think the standard for liposuction now is to have it laser assisted like the technologies above. It is not a gimmick nor is it a marketing tool. However, many practitioners that offer this treatment are not surgeons and never were trained to surgeons. So I prefer the Slim Lipo for a few reasons:

1.  The energy of the of laser wavelengths used is more appropriate for this procedure and I feel I get better results.

2.  The handpiece itself that the surgeon holds and the fiber-optic that is used underneath the skin is better designed for the purposes of getting around different contours and curves of the body.  Smart Lipo has a rigid metal cannula with the fiber-optic inside of it. It doesn't bend and it's difficult to get into certain areas.

3. The dermal component I feel does a little bit better job of tightening the skin. In fact it does such a good job I started to use it in place of a surgical facelift in patients who are good candidates. This essentially becomes a non-incision facelift at that point but still can have very nice results.

I hope that was helpful.  Chase Lay MD

Chase Lay, MD
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SLIM Lipo is best technology for Laser lipolysis today

I have performed many liposuction procedures and I have used VASER, Smart Lipo, SLIM Lipo, Power Assisted Lipo, Lysonix Ultrasonic Lipo, Body Jet Water Assisted Lipo and of course plain tumescent liposuction.  In my experience the best resulsts are with SLIM Lipo and VASER.  The difference is the recovery-Vaser patients have more pain, swelling post operatively, while SLIM lipo patients are typically done under local only and many are back to work the next day and back to the gym in a week! Ofcourse patients still have to wear phase 1 and 2 garments for about 6-8 weeks total after surgery.

Melinda Lirag Lacerna-Kimbrell, MD, FACS
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon
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SlimLipo versus SmartLipo - which is best?

The best predictor for your end result with any liposuction procedure is the surgeon doing the procedure.  The advent of many technologies, however, have given trained surgeons the added benefits of causing less injury to surrounding tissues or having additional benefits than volume reduction alone - i.e. skin tightening.  SmartLipo and SlimLipo both deliver laser energy to the tissues as a first step prior to the use of traditional liposuction.  Both devices aims to melt fat and provide some element of skin tightening.  The new SlimLipo device delivers two wavelengths of laser energy that helps to melt fat and enhance skin tightening with less collateral trauma to the surrounding tissues compared to SmartLipo.  The newest SmartLipo device tends to advocate the use of a temperature probe to help minimize inadvertent energy to the skin and prevent burns.  In the Houston area there are many SmartLipo units of many generations all with varying amounts of laser wavelengths.  In addition, SmartLipo is being heavily marketed to non-plastic surgeons as well.  I would check the credentials and if they claim board certification, make sure it is in a relevant specialty.  Remember the most important predictor of a good outcome is the surgeon, not the device.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Slim Lipo vs Smart Lipo - How to get the best result

I certainly agree with comments regarding credentials and qualifications of your plastic surgeon being of primary concern with regard to the outcome of liposuction, or any other plastic surgery procedure. Board certified plastic surgeons with many years of experience using traditional liposuction and lasers will give you the best advice and will ensure that you have optimal results from your surgery. You will notice from the comments on the message board that those individuals who did not go to a qualified surgeon are mainly those who are dissatisfied with their results.

Some of the confusion regarding SmartLipo vs. SlimLipo appears to be two-fold; most surgeons own one unit or the other giving them a bias toward that particular technology.
The original SmartLipo technology used a single laser wavelength for treating very small, localized areas of fat, and therefore did not have the benefit of tightening the skin.
SmartLipoMPX is the newer technology that offers dual wavelengths and therefore is capable of not only melting the fat, but also has greater skin tightening benefits. The SmartLipoMPX unit also is available with Thermaguide, which ensures that there is no over-heating of the skin, making it safer (more accurate heating with out burning of the skin) and better for skin tightening. I currently use the SmartLipoMPX and my patients have been extremely pleased with their results.

The use of local anesthesia, minimal bruising and short downtime are the primary benefits over traditional liposuction.

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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The answer is that the laser doesn't matter as much as who is operating it and their credentials

The sad thing about this question is that with the advent of lasers, the art of tumescent liposuction or liposuction is being dismissed in favor of the machine/laser, which is less important.

Now, this doesn't mean that the laser is of no significance. The laser can have either very little effect, some effect or problems depending on how strong it is. I have the SmartLipo and am pleased that it hasn't caused any problems. This doesn't mean that it won't cause problems if in the wrong surgeon's hands, but it is relatively safe. That changes when the lasers have more power and can actually cause significant problems. I've seen this with previous versions of ultrasound and it was a problem that essentially did in this technique.

Remember, the laser only melts the fat -that's all, but the art is which fat to suck and which not to suction. If your surgeon hasn't a clue as to the right way the areas need to look after the surgery, he or she can have a million dollar laser and you can end up having a disaster that will be impossible to recover from without a great deal of pain and effort and money.

Joel Schlessinger, MD
Omaha Dermatologic Surgeon
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Slim Lipo

Slim lipo is a type of laser lipolysis. For the patient seeking minimal improvement, it does fit a need. For larger or more sensitive areas, a nonsurgical treatment such as coolsculpting or a surgical option such as liposuction are still better options. Consult with an experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeon who can provide you both nonsurgical and surgical options to understand your options. 

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Check my results with laser liposuction

I have been thrilled with the results I have seen using Slimlipo laser liposuction. The skin tightening and fat liquefying eliminates many problems that I had with traditional liposuction.

I agree with the first answer that the skill and experience of the doctor is the most important factor in achieving a good result. There are many wannabee plastic surgeons out there so do your homework and check their credentials. Board certification is the starting point in your evaluation of your surgeon.

Slimlipo vs. Smartlipo

I have used slimlipo, smartlipo, ultrasonically assisted lipo all as a way of delivering energy to the area (which is converted to hear) to improve results. I remain unconvinced that any of the techniques is significantly better than negative pressure fat removal (old fashioned liposuction). Furthermore, there are no good studies to support predictable benefits from the various forms of lipo vs. another.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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