Sleeping on Stomach After Breast Reconstruction?

I keep waking up on my stomach, and I recently underwent breast reconstitution surgery. I try to sleep on my back but it is very uncomfortable to me and I guess I just turn over in the middle of the night, am I causing any ill effects by this? I am 10 days post op and still in moderate- severe pain.

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Sleeping Tips after Breast Reconstruction

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I am concerned that you could cause damage to your flap or implant at such an early stage.   I would place several pillows around you to help protect your surgical sites.  

If you have drains, you run a high risk of pulling them out if not careful.  Close followup with your plastic surgeon is a must. 


I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

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Sleeping on Stomach After Breast Reconstruction

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While you did not mention the type of reconstruction you had, sleeping in the prone (on your stomach) position is not a good idea. This could dislodge your implants or injure your flap. I usually tell my patients to sleep with pillows on either side, under their arms. This will help to keep the patient supine (on your back) by acting as a barrier and waking them up should they try to roll over. Good luck.

Sleeping on Stomach After Breast Aug?

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You did not mention what kind of reconstruction you had, but regardless it is not a good idea to sleep on your chest at this point. It is hard to control what you do when you are asleep, but if you are sleeping on your chest this early, you can displace implants or compromise a flap. If at all possible try to follow your surgeon's recommendations.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Sleeping on stomach after reconstruction

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If you are only 10 days after surgery, it may not be a good time to sleep on your stomach as it can damage or hurt your reconstruction.  Please ask your PS about sleeping position. 

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